The shop is manned from 9.30am to 2.30pm, Monday to Saturday.

There are Gondola spaces that can be booked for a month at a time.

Gondola side is 60cm wide and 120cm tall

There are Wall Spaces available to be booked in three sizes.

Slim Unit is 30 cm wide by 120 cm high
Single Units are 60cm wide and 120cm tall
Double Unit is 120cm wide by 120cm tall

Each space booked also gets a Window Cube for maximum exposure. Double units gets 2 cubes.

If you just want to promote your business by using a Window Cube there are 10 available to be rented by the month. Products here would be just for display, we wouldn’t be able to sell them on your behalf as well.

Cubes are 30cm by 30cm. Taller items could use the cube tops.

Concessions making use of the Gondola’s and Wall Units will need all their items being setup in our inventory system so that barcodes can be created and assigned to you. This is essential to ensure accurate recordings of sales. Prior to merchandising we would need a list of your products & prices so they are set up and ready for you..

For your booked month you get:
– Somebody onsite who will take sales on your behalf
– Bags and wrapping to contain any sold items
– Items that can be personalised or commissioned, we will pass on any customer enquiries to you. If you let us know how your order forms work, we could get them completed onsite.
– All sales will be by card. No cash onsite. All credit card fees are covered by us.
– We take no commission on any sales, although this will be reviewed at the end of the year
– Social media channels will be updated regularly

Throughout the year we plan to run Craft & Small Trader Fairs. These will be advertised events to get people across Cambridgeshire to come and visit. All Concessions making use of the shop will have a priority booking option before being opened up to all.