Stallholders Guide

We are listed here:

We are at The King Edward Centre and there is space for 35 stalls and we are occupying most of the rooms.

The tables shown are not precisely to scale. Most will require seating to the side rather than behind so we can ensure safe walkways for the general public.

Insurance will be a requirement.
The Venue has to have their own (King Edward).
The Organiser has to have theirs (me).
Each Stall holder has to have theirs (you).

This isn’t strictly a legal requirement, but should the worst happen, and something of yours causes serious injury to a member of the general public, it will be much better to have it in place.
If you don’t have insurance, a number of crafters use these
You could also sign up at to advertise yourself, but you may also get an insurance discount. My account gives me a 10% discount of Organisers Insurance.

The King Edward Center has a very limited amount of tables that can be used.
Just 4 x 6ft and 6 x 5ft

If you have your own table that is no bigger than 6ft then please bring it. We are looking into the possibility of bringing in extra tables but so far the cost is just too high.

On the actual day we have access to the venue from 8.30am
As parking is limited it is best if you just pull up and offload your stock at your designated table. Then move your car to one of the free car parks nearby. We would like to use the available car park spaces for our visitors.

At the end of the day we have an hour to pack up. Obviously, you will have all sold out so no need to get your cars!

The Fens Magazine ( comes out monthly and gets delivered to 14,000 homes. Our shop is now a pick-up point as Chatteris isn’t currently part of the drop zone. As their website says, in total the circulation is around 24,000.
Our event will be advertised in both the October and November issues. In November’s there will also be a written article about it.
Chatteris does have Centrepoint pamphlet that gets delivered to all homes in Chatteris. Covid has stopped it’s publication, but if it is up and running soon, we will also advertise in there.
We are hopeful of a large attendance for the event.

Once you are booked, start planning how you will design your stand. I have sent this link out on a previous newsletter, but it is a good read and shows different ideas.